Helping enterprises
transform their users
into fans via gamification.

Xansr Media enables enterprises to gamify their customer experience. It transforms their audiences from end users to dedicated fans with Hyper-Personalisation and Hyper-Engagement.

Hyper-Personalisation and Hyper-Engagement are the two core pillars to create an experience that is personal to individual user.


Our Core Pillars Help You Engage Your Customers and Create a Fan Base.
Enterprises face a massive challege today – To have a meaningful engagement with the end consumer.
To achieve this, enterprises need to interpret consumer behaviour via various user activities. These activities can be, and mostly are unique.
Each user sees and uses the brand contextually. This unique and individual concoction of how each user sees the brand provides enterprises with a massive monetisation opportunity. And a hyper-personalised experience for each individual which leads to a hyper-engaged consumer is the secret sauce behind this opportunity.
Storytelling, sophisticated engagement models, gamification and a community presence are the key to keeping your consumer hyper engaged in this day and age of a hyper-connected consumer.
Up until now, the only industry that has cracked this code is the Gaming industry. Games are till date the most hyper-engaged pieces of content ever created.
Xansr Media enables enterprises to monetise this hyper-engagement opportunity by adopting the learnings from the gaming industry for a truly enriching immersive and bi-direction experience for the consumer.
Our Services


Xansr Media can deploy & configure various gamification solutions to integrate with your enterprise ecosystem. 

We have expertise with intelligent connectors with your leading CRMs, CPQs, Analytics and Marketing Platforms.


We are a one-stop shop for deployment, configuration, and integration in your Enterprise’s complex IT ecosystem. 

Whether it is Azure, AWS, Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, or Google, we have x-platform cloud engineers. 


The enterprise-grade 24×7 managed service support covering L1 to L2 incidents following the sun. 

Our 24×7 trained teams SLAs are built to respond within 60 seconds. 

Value Proposition

AI Enabled Gamification 

Create end to end fandom communities via trivia, multi-player challenges, wagers, fantasy leagues, leader boards. We are here to put Enterprise Grade Gamification platform in your existing ecosystem. 


Create multiple streams of revenue – Sponsorships, In-Game Cross-Sell and Up-Sell. 

Consumer Behaviour 

Baalak enables you to understand your consumer’s behaviour and provide a hyper-personalised experience and engagement. 

User retention 

Unlocking monetisation, retention opportunities to transform your users into fans, both in existing channel and Web3 Metaverse. 


Simon Banerjee


Simon oversees business operations and strategy besides being involved in product development.

He comes with over 15 years of experience in game development and is an expert in Mobile, Social and Casino platforms. For Simon, it was the passion of playing games that resulted in the switch from being a professional gamer to start making games.

Rozh Surchi

Chief Design Advisor

“Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to establish a strong fully functional design department that is capable of creating user-friendly and lovable products”.

Rozh has worked for S100 clients in various industries such as FCMG, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, and has worked on multiple ‘Digital Transformation’ projects.

Gautam Jha

Industry Advisor

Gautam Jha is a highly respected and award-winning digital transformation leader with over two decades of experience in strategy, customer experience and digital transformation.

Gautam has helped high-profile companies across the globe such as M&S, Legal & General, TVH parts and Avaya to successfully execute actionable customer experience led digital strategies to solve their toughest business and technology challenges.

Shekhar Verma

Chief Relations Officer

Shekhar Verma is an investor and owner across multiple award winning ventures.

Shekhar has spearheaded various businesses across industries.

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